Live Precious Metal Prices API – FAQ

What Precious Metals and Currencies are provided?

We Provide data for Gold, Silver, Palladium, Platinum as well as over 140 Currencies. Check our Supported Symbols here

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Is your data Midpoint?

Yes, we provide our data in a midpoint format, this is done by calculating the midpoint between the Ask and Bid of a Symbol at a certain time. You can see this information often used by google, yahoo when providing market rates for Symbols too.

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How current are the prices you serve?

‘Real-Time’ is often thrown about by a lot of providers, but when you look into it further you realise that the data they are offering is often delayed or refreshed every 5,10 or even 60 minutes. To us, that’s not real-time.

We make tremendous efforts so that you receive the freshest data in a reliable way, our metal prices are always refreshed every few seconds. Our currencies depending on the Symbol and the volatility of the market can range from a few seconds to a few minutes.

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Where is our data coming from?

We have over 16 sources of data we collect data from, the sources includes banks and financial data providers.

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What currencies are provided?

We supply exchange rates for Over 140 currencies. All data is based in USD which allows you a quick and easy method of calculating the price of any metal in any currency using the formula of Currency x Metal.

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How reliable is your service?

Reliable. We take any downtime seriously and have worked in multiple fail-safes to make sure we are always up! We are ever-growing our lines of data and the way we publish this out to produce a more robust infrastructure for our customers.

although we have not yet experienced it we know that sometimes during maintenance, downtime is unavoidable. Where possible we will communicate this ahead of time and this will be done outside of market trading times.

Our uptime is currently 99.99% since our services begun

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